Puzzle Material / Substance 3D Designer (.sbs/.sbsar)

Matthias Patscheider
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Jigsaw Puzzle Material (.sbs/.sbsar)

The Jigsaw Puzzle is highly customizable material and can be animated.

The material is done entirely in Substance 3D Designer, including the lighting and rendering. This package includes the main graph containing all the logic of the material. It's a complex but well-organized graph with comments and explanations. I hope that the graph can be a resource in learning for everyone digging into it.

The render-graphs are much smaller and less complex. I hope to illustrate how to create nice material renderings without the need of leaving the software. This is something I haven't seen shared before.

For licensing reasons, the motives are not included in the download. All motives are royalty-free, the artists are mentioned below.

Main Graph

One of the Render Graphs

The Rendering

The rendering is done entirely in Designer using the PBR Render node. The PBR Render node allows for custom HDRI Inputs and different nodes to manipulate the lighting and is fast. There is no need to switch software and set up a render scene in Marmoset. Switching the color mapping to ACES fully convinced me of the possibility to get portfolio renders from within Designer. The results felt much more energetic doing the renderings in ACES color space and converting them back to sRGB afterward. All results shown here are 1to1 taken from Designer without further postprocessing. Sometimes I combined 2 PBR Nodes and used one as Background input for the other.

Excluded images

For potential legal reasons, I removed the image motives from this package. They are replaced by an image of my home valley. For my portfolio I used royalty-free photos from the following artists:

  • Orange Red and Green Abstract Painting by Steve Johnson
  • Clouds Covering a Mountain by Ashok J Kshetri
  • Yellow Black and Purple Abstract Painting by Dids
  • Abstract Painting by Steve Johnson
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Puzzle Material / Substance 3D Designer (.sbs/.sbsar)

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