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Simple Renaming

Simple Renaming Panel is a small, but powerful tool to rename more objects at once. The tool includes basic functionalities of adding suffixes, prefixes, search and replace, add suffixes depending on the object type, and much more. The tool gives a lot of power to you! You decide which kind of objects will be affected by the renaming task. Rename all or just selected objects, specify the affected object types like image textures, materials, objects, object data, bones, or collections. This tool can be a real everyday helper. Renaming multiple objects is often needed and keeping the naming conventions can be tedious. The tool provides you with clear feedback on what has been renamed. This tool is kept simple to be user-friendly but offers everything you need to stay organized.

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Key features: 

  • Batch rename multiple assets
  • Rename Objects, Materials, Image Textures, Object Data, Bones, Collection, Actions, and Shape Keys
  • Use powerful renaming variables to gain more control and flexibility for renaming multiple assets
  • Limit the renaming operation by object type (meshes, curves, empties, cameras, metaballs, light probes, volume objects, etc.) or by selection
  • Search and replace with support for regular expressions and match case toggle
  • Search and select, using the same settings as search and replace
  • Add suffixes and prefixes
  • Numerate 
  • Trim names
  • Rename object data after the object name
  • Add suffixes or prefixes by specific object types and save them as presets for different projects
  • Simple and clean UI
  • Hotkey menu and more addon settings.
  • Auto updater. Install the newest version directly from the addon. 

New: Renaming Variables 

The biggest new feature is the renaming variables. They expand the functionality of the renaming panel drastically while keeping it fast and efficient. Variables are defined by the @ symbol. This is because other typical symbols like $ are already used for Regular Expressions. The variables can be generated by either press the button next to the input field or simply type it in. The current variables are:

  • @f : filename
  • @h: high poly (user-defined, default = high)
  • @l: low poly (user-defined, default = low)
  • @b: cage (user-defined, default = cage)
  • @d: date
  • @u1: (user-defined)
  • @u2: (user-defined)
  • @u3: (user-defined)
  • @i: time
  • @n: number
  • @r: random

The following variables are currently only supported in Object mode.

  • @p: object parent (if it has one)
  • @o: object
  • @m: object data
  • @a: active object
  • @t: type
  • @c: collection (random order)


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Simple Renaming Panel

517 ratings
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